A Scheduling Algorithm based on PSO Heuristic in Cloud Computing

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Nguyen Hoang Ha


The goal of the SaaS provider is the most protable; the user's goal is to meet requirements as quickly as possible but still within budget and deadline. The algorithm's aim gives the schedule to satisfy the objectives of the agents, this is a very difficult problem. This article studies heuristic PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) and model of components in the cloud computing to propose a model of PaaS providers; admission control algorithm and scheduling for the user’s requirements towards multi-objective optimization of time.The schedule given by the algorithm in order to: (1) optimizing the time for the user, (2) providing the greatest benefits for SaaS providers, (3) satisfying for the constraints of QoS (Quality of Service ) of the user. The result of the algorithm is installed and compared with other algorithms on CloudSim.

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